Densitas Line

Sectis Design is proud to offer its new line for SectisWalls…


Our goal is to reproduce beautiful nature forms and organic shapes. These walls are both functional and decorative, combining impactful design and amazing optical effects.

The Densitas line enables us to incorporate important functionality applications to the walls


Our Dual-Tone walls are our most versatile and cost-efficient options.

These wall designs take advantage of their environment by complementing the wall color and accentuating the space with unique, partially see-through designs.

Sectis’ walls are designed to stand out and make a statement wherever they are placed. Combining world-class materials and elegant designs, these walls are sure to enliven any space.

All designs are customizable and adaptable to any wall space.

Space Dividers

Space dividers are the perfect solution to dividing any room with a subtle and beautiful design.

These see-through panels can be arranged to fit and divide any space and can be pro-duced in a multitude of colors and materials.

All designs are customizable and adaptable to any space.